Change tomorrow with your story 2020 Population and Housing Census Oct. 15th ~ Nov 18th | Participate and make your voice heard!

What is the Population and Housing Census?

The Population and Housing Census surveys all Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea and also their housing.
Similar censuses are conducted in most countries around the world.
Foreign nationals having resided in Korea for three months or more are obligated to participate in the Census.
The responses you provide will be strictly protected under the law and used solely for statistical purposes.

How to Participate in the Population and Housing Census

The Census can be taken online from October 15th to November 18th
(Language available on online survey: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Cambodian)

  • You can participate with the code included in the Census Notice that has been distributed to your homes.
  • You can move to the Census website by clicking ‘participate’ button below.
  • Mobile participation is also available using the QR code included in the Census Notice

※ If you are unable to respond online, census takers will visit your homes from November 1st and offer you survey sheet in your native language
(Language available for on-site survey : English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Cambodian, Indonesian, Nepalese, Thai, Mongolian, Japanese)